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What Air Conditioning Means to Californians

The idea of naturally-balanced temperatures is a foreign concept to the people of California. We deal with the extreme cold during the winter months while barely surviving the unbearable searing heat during the summer months with hardly any breaks in between. Trying to find refuge from these harsh weather conditions can be a challenge, and we’re right there with you. That’s why aside from plumbing, we gladly specialize in HVAC repairs and installation so you can have everything you need to live a comfortable life at home or if you want to provide a refreshing environment for employees and customers alike within your commercial building.

Gem Plumbing Does HVAC Installation And Repairs!

No matter what, Gem Plumbing has you covered with air conditioning, heater, and furnace repairs and installation to keep your property at the temperature you want at all times. How do you know whether you need a simple repair or a complete replacement?

Signs of An Old AC Unit

Most AC units are able to function just fine for up to 15 years if it’s had proper and regular maintenance throughout their life cycle. If you’re already coming up on that life expectancy, you may want to switch it out regardless. Other signs include:

  • Grinding or squeaking sounds
  • A strong smell of gas or something burning
  • Excess moisture buildup
  • Warm air while on the cool setting
  • Higher energy bills

Some issues, like moisture buildup and poor air quality, can affect the health and well-being of everyone present. Some illnesses, such as damage to the lungs, may be severe and sometimes irreversible.

Benefits of Replacing Your AC Unit

Other than improved air quality for better health, replacing your HVAC with a brand new one can introduce so many other benefits. You won’t have to get it checked as often for repairs as you would an older unit, plus newer models tend to be more reliable and efficient for an overall better experience. But the one thing that most people like about the latest energy-efficient models is that they are capable of lowering your monthly energy bill.

Getting HVAC Maintenance In Sierra Madre

For a long-lasting HVAC, give us a call around twice a year for routine and preventive maintenance! We can guarantee the best performance for your AC unit with our extensive list of services such as:

  • Thorough inspections of the motor, thermostat, and other important parts
  • Deep-cleaning of the drains, coils, and cooling elements
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Fresh lubrication of all moving parts
  • Careful safety tests
  • Evaluating all electrical components

When you give Gem Plumbing a call, not a single circuit, pump, cap, or valve is overlooked. We understand how important it is to have a working AC unit and so we take our job seriously for guaranteed satisfaction!

Gem Plumbing For All Your HVAC Needs

At Gem Plumbing, we understand HVACs as much as we are experts on anything plumbing. You can count on us to perform the right maintenance and repairs for the utmost functionality and we can install a brand-new AC unit whenever you need one. Give our friendly team a call anytime at 626-355-3496 and we’ll let you know about our special discounts like $40 off the normal rate for HVAC maintenance!

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